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Perfil ID#[3615]

Usuario seveno
Nombre de usuario Steven
Cumpleaño 1974-08-18
Simbolo zodiacal Leo
Sexo Masculino
Tipo de relación para romantica
País USA [Texas]
Estado civil Soltera
Hijos No
Estatura 6'0' (183cm)
Peso 185 lbs (84kg)
Color pelo Rubio oscuro
Color ojos Azul
Raza Blanca/Caucasion
Religión Católico
Fuma No fuma
Bebe Ocasionalmente
Educación Graduado
Ocupación Engineering
Hobby Music
Sobre I’m really the most easiest person to get along with that you will ever meet, you know to me it really doesn’t matter about a person’s attitude or how they do things. It just doesn’t bother me, I always am able to brush that aside and give them a chance no matter how awful they are. When it comes down to it I am never mean spirited towards anyone. People always act a way for a reason, whatever it is i don’t care, at the end of the day they have to live with themselves, not me. I love to laugh, but not as much as I love to make others laugh. I will do just about anything to get a laugh. I’m extremely family oriented, I do not love anything else more than my family. I treat my friends and those that I care for the most like family, i will do anything for you, at least anything in my means. I guess the main reason I’m here is because I’m really tired of the whole dating ritual and all the games that go with it, You know what I mean childish games. What I really want to say is that I have reached that point in my life where I am not looking for just good times, but I am really looking towards the future, and someone that will care for and love me, I guess you could say I am in this for something serious. I feel that I have my act together and have goals laid out that I intend to accomplish, what i’m trying to say is that i have reached the point in my life where i am looking towards the future. That is the serious me, not sure why i came off as being so i don’t know what’s the word -BORING-but its hard to express my personality by punching on keys, oh well talk later." The best relationship i can imagine would have to include spontaneity and both of us would feel a sense of ease when we were together, you know like nothing else matters.
Buscando por Femenino
Edad 18 - 35
De estatura 4'2' (127cm) - 7'0' (213cm)
De peso 80 lbs (36kg) - 180 lbs (82kg)
Popularidad 830
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