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Анкета ID#[553]

Име Navinmd2b
Име на участника Navin
Рождена дата 1973-11-06
Знак на зодиака Скорпион
Пол Мъж
Цел на запознанството за сериозни отношения
Страна USA [Pennsylvania]
ZIP 15206
Семейно положение Ерген(Неомъжена)
Деца Не
Ръст 5'9' (175см)
Тегло 165 lbs (75кг)
Цвят на косата Черен
Цвят на очите Карий
Етнос Азиатская
Религия Вяра в Бога
Пушене Непушач
Алкохол Понякога
Образование Студент
Работа Student
Увлечения Health & Fitness, Music
За себе си Not sure what to write, so I will go with the demographics. I was born and raised in Huntsville, Al. After graduating highschool I decided to goto India(Bangalore) and study medicine. However, for personal reasons I had to come back and leave my medical studies. I have two siblings, an older brother who is a surgeon in Palo Alto, and an older sister who is an attorney in Indianapolis. My parents are still in Alabama. I am not sure in what direction academically I am leaning towards. Law school,MBA or try Med School again.. Anyway, there is more to me than academics. I am a big sports fan, love the LA Lakers, Dallas Cowboys, and Atlanta Braves. In highschool I did play soccer, basketball and tennis so I am pretty athletic and keep in shape. However the older I get the more I am interested in art and culture. Would like to start attending local theater, ballet, museums and am interested in learning the piano and acoustic guitar. (To play for that someone special). My life’s goals have been delayed by about 10 years, hence the reason I am still an undergrad at 30, I realize that is very problematic for most Indian women, but my eyes are open for all ethnicities. My future I hope will include marriage and kids
I am not looking for anything specific in a partner. A college degree, Post Grad is my preference. She should love her work, be passionate about it. It would be nice if sheloves public display of affection. Love children and animals, since I do. Do you pet dogs when you see them walk by? Do you say hello even to the janitors? If you are rude to waiters/waitresses stay away from me. Have you ever helped a blind person cross the street? I could go on and on. So if I am not marriage material, that is ok with me. How about we just become really close friends. It would be a shame to miss out on friendship.
Вие търсите Жена
Искана възраст 18 - 27
Искан ръст 5'4' (163см) - 5'9' (175см)
Искано тегло 100 lbs (45кг) - 135 lbs (61кг)
Популярност 1074
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