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Анкета ID#[1640]

Име tessikisan
Име на участника adamas
Рождена дата 1958-09-22
Знак на зодиака Дева
Пол Мъж
Цел на запознанството за сериозни отношения
Страна Australia
Семейно положение Вдовец(Вдовица)
Деца Не
Ръст 5'7' (171см)
Тегло 190 lbs (86кг)
Цвят на косата Друго
Цвят на очите Серый
Етнос Белая/Кавказская
Религия Будист
Пушене Понякога
Алкохол Никога
Образование Средно училище
За себе си I could be considered a loner, often preferring and being quite content with, my own company, one-on-one or very small gatherings. I am not antisocial, just asocial.
I have a fit, solid build and I am 85 kg. and 170 cm. My head is clean-shaven and I have a long, clean and tidy, auburn beard. No, I
do not have any tattoos or bodypiercings.
The greatest gift that I, or for that matter anyone, can give is of their time and of themselves but, if you are one of those, unfortunately, ’lazy’ people who ’insist’ on ’judging a book by its cover’ then, its your loss and not mine.

I am searching for a spirit who is, by nature and by practice, loyal, devoted and committed to the people they love and have loved. A quietly spoken, quietly confident and self assured individual. Lastly, smokers are fine but, no current substance abuse or history and no criminality, past or present.

Вие търсите Жена
Искана възраст 21 - 40
Искан ръст 4'2' (127см) - 5'7' (171см)
Искано тегло 80 lbs (36кг) - 110 lbs (50кг)
Популярност 8027
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