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Welcome to Accent Dating!

Currently, this Dating Service is 100% Free. You can add your personal profile in two minutes. We keep all information private. Your e-mail address will not be visible to other visitors.

All correspondence between our members takes place through our double-blind system, ensuring your true identity is protected. Our email system removes e-mail addresses in the body of the message. But we still need your help. If you receive an email that contains advertisements, solicitations, or that you find offensive, please Let us know. We will do our best to eleminate spammers and scammers. Your satisfaction is important for us.


To find a match, please use Search feature. Or you can browse WOMEN or MEN.

Register, and you can start contacting other members. If you are already registered, click Members Area above and Log In.

Please, do not send financial support to anyone. Never send money to anyone that you do not know well.

Please note, profiles with pictures have a much better response rate. Use the best picture you can. Pictures that do not clearly show your face or are taken from too far away are almost as bad as not including a picture at all.

One thing that may be more important than the quality of your photo is the strategy you use for making contacts. If your strategy is to post your profile and then sit back and wait for other members to contact you, then you may be in for a very long wait. If your strategy is pro-active, and you are willing to send messages to all the people who interest you, then your chances of success are much higher. So, forget being a cyber-wall-flower and compose a good introductory letter, then send it to 5 or 10 people or more today!

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zelphree Mann 44 Ja
kenneth Mann 53 Ja
Akiji Mann 73 Ja
frank Mann 47 Ja
sam Mann 31 Ingen
prisca Kvinne 34 Ja
Sushil Kumar Kvinne 42 Ja
jai Mann 57 Ingen
sachin Mann 27 Ingen
anna Mann 30 Ingen
sam Mann 31 Ingen
matthews Mann 29 Ingen
nathalie Kvinne 27 Ja
Sushil Kumar Mann 35 Ingen
sam Mann 31 Ja
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